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Fitness Training and Coaching For Football Players

For football players, the training routine focuses on football training and conditioning. Strength training is the foundation of any effective conditioning program. Each player must focus on achieving their full potential, which is maximizing their explosive power. This is the greatest advantage that any player can have. The payer with the most skill and power will come out on top.

In football training, we need to convert maximal strength into explosive power. Power is a combination between how strong you are and how fast you can deliver your maximum strength.

Some fitness elements you need to focus on when training are:

  • Your muscular endurance
  • Your flexibility
  • Your maximum acceleration and speed
  • Your power
  • Your strength

6 Best Strength Exercises with VERNON DAVIS

In this video, Vernon Davis will show you the 6 exercises for developing your strength.


#1. The Romanian Dead-lift

This exercise targets the lower back, glutes and the hamstrings. This is an excellent way to build explosive power and strength because it helps control the eccentric contraction and an explosive concentric contraction. When performing this exercise, you need to keep your feet width apart and point your toes forward. Once you go down and feel the stretch on your hamstrings, you need to spring quickly back to the top position and squeeze the glutes at the end of the movement.

#2. Box Jumping

This exercise focuses on developing maximum power in short intervals therefore increases your leg power.

#3. Sled Push

Keep your spine straight and get low while pushing through the legs. This is a full body work-out targeting your glutes, core, shoulders, hamstrings and quads. It focuses on developing your endurance and power.

#4. Ladder Drills

This improves your overall speed by increasing your foot speed and coordination.

#5. Battle Ropes

Almost every athletes arsenal has this exercise in their list. It improves your coordination, power and muscular endurance.

#6. Partner Plank Hold

Having a workout partner or something to anchor your legs to hold your lower body down.This is a great workout for overall strength, endurance and core power.

Football Training and Coaching

Success Tips For Football Players

If you are a football player and you are committed to becoming successful in your career, here are some tips you want to apply.

Always Practice Your Skills

You know the saying practice makes perfect. As a player, you must practice every day to better your skills. In any sport, the greatest athletes practice daily. Hardwork is the key to success. If you are not getting better, your competitors will out work you and become better.

Understand Your Diet

Your diet is one of the important factors that will significantly influence your results. Training accounts for 20% of your strength and muscle growth, while nutrition and diet accounts for 80%.

Know All About Football Protective Gear

Any successful golfer or cyclist will know every little details about their tools and gears and understand which ones will help them improve their performance. As a football player, you must do the same. For example, you must know how to use football eyeshields, padded football gloves, helmets, and other protective equipment. You need to know how they work, their benefits and how to use them properly. Wearing the wrong size will affect your performance on the field.


Every successful person has coaches, regardless of the field you are in. You need to look for coaches that can help you become a better player. If you don’t have a mentor right now, you need to find one.