Our Services

Did you know that you can achieve faster results with the help of a personal trainer? A good personal trainer is there to help you achieve your goal. He or she will provide you the right nutrition and work-out advice as well as motivation, discipline and a little extra push to help you move forward.

At FFS coaching, we provide the following service to our clients:

Online Personal Training

This is the most flexible coaching you can get. We will structure your daily, weekly and monthly workouts and eating plan. You will be provided an online account to access your plan or it can also be delivered weekly to your inbox.

One on One Coaching

This is an intimate plan where one of our team members will come to your place to train you. (Travel fees apply)

Nutrition Coaching

Ask us any question about your fitness goal and the right nutrition plan you need to achieve your goal.

Strength Training

Want to level up your strength? Join our strength training program and we will help you achieve your desired strength by following our specific and personalized workout plan that suits your boy type.

kettle-bell-trainingKettlebell Training

Just like strength training, this ketttle bell training only use kettle bells as the only work-out equipment. You will learn all the exercises that involved this tool and you can workout any where as long as you have this equipment.

Fitness Assessment and Results Tracking

To stay on track, you must keep tracking your results. We provide a tracking service where you can find out your body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), physical endurance, muscle strength and blood pressure.


We also provide yoga coaching, contact us for more details.

Email and Skype Ongoing Support

Feeling lack of motivation? Join our email and skype support service so we can help you with your mindset to achieve your goal.